Brigitte Montfort on TV Series in Brazil

Since March 10th, 2014 fans of Brigitte Montfort are aware that her adventures are going to be adapted for television and a brand new TV Series will be produced by GNT, a Brazilian cable channel that belongs to Globosat. This information has been heard from the journalist and blogger Patrícia Kogut and was immediately confirmed by the site of Lou Carrigan as per the note in portuguese that follows:

This blog has heard, on absolute exclusive basis, that the actress that will possibly perform the character of Brigitte Montfort is Maria Casadevall, a beatiful Brazilian actress that was born in São Paulo on July 24th, 1987. Some of her pictures can be found below.

It is emphasized that this information is still subject to confirmation from different sources. Additionally, the selection may easily change as the actress in under contract with Globo TV, that may suddenly demand her for one of its own future productions.

Maria Casadevall:

News about the TV Series: Patrícia Kogut's Blog
Still #1: Scene from the TV show called "Amor À Vida"
Still #2: Authored by Felipe Gaspar, photographer
Stills #3 and #4: Authored by Yuri Sardenberg, photographer; and published on the Brazilian Playboy magazine, edition of August 2013.


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